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Re: Searching for Group memberships of users

tor, 2002-09-05 kl. 10:29 skrev Michael Fuller / Railnet:

> I have a tricky problem. Given a user name, I need to search Openldap and
> find out that user's group membership. The intention is to use external ACLs
> in Squid 2.5 pre. Once the user logs on, I need to use his login name and
> check out the LDAP group he belongs to.

> On going through the LDAP directory, I find that the user does not have a
> group attribute, rather groups have a member attribute. If  I filter the
> search on objectclass=groupofnames, how to extract the user name from the
> member attribute and match it?

> Will someone please help me construct the appropriate search filter ?


Dunno if this will help, but I use this kind of thing (is this what you
want? I don't know, so don't slay me) for my smtp server aliases instead
of /etc/aliases. I also use the same principle (other groups, other
filters) for local user alternative mail addresses and virtual domains.

1: Say you have a group "localmailgroup", objectClass nisMailAlias,
where the allowed attribute is rfc822MailMember (which I have).

you want to search for members, this filter works:
ldapsearch -x '(&(objectClass=nisMailAlias)(rfc822MailMember=*))'
returns a list of mail addresses. Searching on "rfc822MailMember=fred*"
etc. doesn't work and indexing "rfc822MailMember" isn't allowed.

2: I have a group of people who can manage limited attributes of other
people, "peoplemanagers". objectClass groupOfNames, member cn=Tom
Smith,ou=people,ou=groups,dc=billy,dc=demon,dc=nl, member cn=Eva Brown,

ldapsearch -x '(&(objectClass=groupOfNames)(cn=*))' returns a list of
members' DNs, so does searching on "member" instead of "cn". However, I
can't use wildcards and search on "cn=Tom*", even though I've indexed cn
(indexing on "member" isn't possible).

I use the "peoplemanagers" list just to check for authority in the acls
- and it works.

That's all I can say, I'm afraid!



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