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Re: NFS with OpenLDAP [different topic, similar question]

ons, 2002-09-11 kl. 15:38 skrev Chuck Pierce:

> Similar topic, different question; just no nfs.

> Say I have shared disk between two servers.  If one server fails, the other
> server picks up the disks (and starts slapd).  Would that cause data
> corruption problems?  Would it be better to run slarpd and have the
> secondary (standby) server change from the slave to the master?

If you want to do this, IMHO the only possible way is by using dedicated
hardware clustering, supported by the OS. Certainly that won't cause
data corruption problems: That's what it's all about. You have in effect
a single server, there is no master and no slave, you will pay "an awful
lot" for the necessarily extremely high data transfer rate between
server units and *disk array* (since nobody in his/her right mind would
attempt this on a single disk, for a cluster).

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