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Re: NFS with OpenLDAP

On Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 11:14:09AM +0200, Agustin Torres wrote:
> i have several LDAP servers on typical structure. one MASTER server and several SLAVE servers.
> but i dont agree with slurpd and replication protocols. i think of NFS. could i get NFS directory and several LDAP server run over the same files? i know that NFS dont up any problem, but im not sure if OpenLDAP will do it?

Running any sort of database on a network-mounted filesystem is a Bad
Idea. Databases need to grab and release locks - possibly hundreds or
thousands per second - and this is very inefficient across a network.
In some implementations of NFS it does not work reliably at all.

You should use the SLURPD replication system to keep slave copies in

I have summaried this in a new FAQ entry:


What do you want to achieve with those slave servers? There are very
few things where NFS-mounted database files would actually help even
if they worked.

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