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Re: Replications on referrals

On Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 11:00:41AM +0200, Agustin Torres wrote:
> i have three ldap servers. i call them MASTER, SLAVE AND REFERRALS
> tha MASTER server have all entries and its configured reply any change on SLAVE
> the SLAVE server have several branch called o=special because is a referral of other at REFERRAL server.
> well my problem is these: when i have update on MASTER server for the special branch slurpd dont replicates because this branch its a referral. but when i do updates on SLAVE server for special branch the real updates occurs on REFERRAL server. Why the slurp dont work on same way?

I think you will have to provide some more detail about the setup and
the exact queries that are not doing what you want, so that people can
understand the problem.

Note that entries that cause referrals are special, and must be
updated in a particular way. You should be using the -M flag on
ldapmodify when loading or updating such entries.

[ Strictly, I am talking about 'Continuation References' here -
entries that cause part of a search to be continued on a different
server. 'Referrals' are a simpler mechanism that only allow for
queries to be passed to a server with a *wider* range of knowledge. ]

Another thing worth checking is that you are not using the same name
for the master server's rootdn and the slave server's updatedn.
The master server should not generally have an updatedn at all.
Modifications performed by the updatedn are *never* replicated.

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