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Re: Replications on referrals

ok. More information. i have MASTER server that hols all entries. this
MASTER replicates on SLAVE server. This server holds all entries too, but
several are referall of REFERRAL server. when i do an update the MASTER
server will replicate
on SLAVE sever. if the update entry is referral, dont should update right?

My problem arent the updates via ldapmodif, (yes i know that i must use -M
for this cases). My problems is that slurp seems like 'dont use -M' for

when i have a update at MASTER for referral entries i get the next entry at
reject file

ERROR: Referral
time: 1031731071.0
dn: ou=nueva, o=distribuido, o=juntadeandalucia, c=es
changetype: modify
replace: ou
ou: nuevas
replace: modifiersName
modifiersName: cn=admin,c=es
replace: modifyTimestamp
modifyTimestamp: 20020911075751Z

if i do the same update via ldapmodif -M on SLAVE its go rigth.


Agustin Torres-Ternero Alvarez

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To: "Agustin Torres" <torrest@andaluciajunta.es>
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Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2002 12:40 PM
Subject: Re: Replications on referrals

> On Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 11:00:41AM +0200, Agustin Torres wrote:
> > i have three ldap servers. i call them MASTER, SLAVE AND REFERRALS
> >
> > tha MASTER server have all entries and its configured reply any change
> >
> > the SLAVE server have several branch called o=special because is a
referral of other at REFERRAL server.
> >
> > well my problem is these: when i have update on MASTER server for the
special branch slurpd dont replicates because this branch its a referral.
but when i do updates on SLAVE server for special branch the real updates
occurs on REFERRAL server. Why the slurp dont work on same way?
> I think you will have to provide some more detail about the setup and
> the exact queries that are not doing what you want, so that people can
> understand the problem.
> Note that entries that cause referrals are special, and must be
> updated in a particular way. You should be using the -M flag on
> ldapmodify when loading or updating such entries.
> [ Strictly, I am talking about 'Continuation References' here -
> entries that cause part of a search to be continued on a different
> server. 'Referrals' are a simpler mechanism that only allow for
> queries to be passed to a server with a *wider* range of knowledge. ]
> Another thing worth checking is that you are not using the same name
> for the master server's rootdn and the slave server's updatedn.
> The master server should not generally have an updatedn at all.
> Modifications performed by the updatedn are *never* replicated.
> Andrew
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