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Re: Relational Data??

>I realize that it's possible to setup relational data on the back end (on the database side), but anyone know how to do the following.
>I would like to have two users "share" the same userPassword.
>One would look like:
>	dn: uid=someuser,ou=People,dc=somewhere,dc=com
>	objectclass: top
>	objectclass: posixAccount
>	uid: someuser
>	cn: someuser
>	gecos: Some User
>	userPassword:: asdjkl;klgfjasfasdgjkl;asdjkls
>And the other would look something like:
>	dn: uid=someotheruser,ou=People,dc=somewhere,dc=com
>	objectclass: top
>	objectclass: posixAccount
>	uid: someotheruser
>	cn: someotheruser
>	gecos: Some Other User
>	userPassword: ->uid=someuser->userPassword
>Is this possible??  Or do I have to replicate the password each time it's updated.

Please wrap your lines at < 80 columns.

See sasl for your other problem.

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