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[Fwd: Re: Using LDAP for authentication]

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Subject: Re: Using LDAP for authentication
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 14:00:20 -0700
From: Jim C <jcllings@tsunamicomm.net>
To: "Derek J. Balling" <dredd@megacity.org>
References: <23EB6510-C027-11D6-A0A7-00039384A830@megacity.org>

> Perhaps this isn't the right forum (I couldn't connect to the archives
> to peruse them first). If not, my apologies and if someone could point
> me to the right spot, I'd appreciate it.
> I want to authenticate a bunch of machines against the LDAP server.
> That's easy. :-)
> What's more interesting are:

> 1.) Can I set it up so that a given uid is only valid on certain hosts?

Yes. There are provisions for this in at least one FAQ I know of.

> 2.) Can I set it up so that a given uid might have, say, /bin/bash as a > shell on host1, and /bin/false as a shell on host2?

mmmm it might be done but I am not sure how. It would help to have a solid understanding of how the DBMS for an object orientated database functions and I am lacking in this as yet.

> 3.) Similarly, can I set up different homedirs? (on our production > environment users have shared home directories depending on what they > do, billing, order-entry, etc.)

You could manage this through the creation of different shares.
For example:


Then just change the attribute for directory to match.  Reccomend GQ for