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Re: Problems with ldif2ldbm

Please don't post the same message more than once
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If you don't get an answer first time around, try rephrasing
the question.  Folks may not have understood you the first

If you don't get an answer with a rephrased question, it's
likely that nobody knows the answer (or they don't care to

Since you are asking about "historic" software, don't be
surprised if you don't get an answer.


At 02:36 PM 2002-09-03, Rafael Angarita wrote:
>    I'm trying  to recreate the indexes  using  ldif2ldbm, but  it  finishes  with the error message "id2entry ldbm_store failed"
>    How can  I fix this situation?
>    The environment is:
>    OS: Solaris 7
>    Host: Sun Ultra250
>    Openldap 1.2.13
>    There is enough disk space.
>    The command line:
>    # /usr/local/openldap-1.2.13/sbin/ldif2id2entry  -i ldif -f  /usr/local/openldap-1.2.13/etc/openldap/slapd.conf
>    Thanks id advance,
>Rafael Angarita
>Administrador de Sistemas
>Telcel Bellsouth