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Re: FW: Unable to delete a dn with \\\

tir, 2002-09-03 kl. 10:48 skrev Hallvard B Furuseth:

> Tony Earnshaw writes:
> > 1: Have you tried escaping each backslash with a forward slash?

> Eh?  The escape character is backslash.  That's probably why there are
> so many of them in that DN already.

Hmmm .. va' tydeleg enno ikkje skikkeleg vaken.

My only excuse is, that I hadn't had my coffee at that time. 

Openldap 2.1.4, Berkeley BDB 4.0.14.

Made a contact cn=O'Flaherty Sue,ou=contacts,dc=billy,dc=demon,dc=nl
with GQ. objectClass=top,objectClass=person, cn=O'Flaherty Sue,
sn=O'Flaherty and deleted her o.k. with command-line 'ldapdelete'.

Tried to add one with the same DN, but this time cn=O\\\'Flaherty Sue
and got an "invalid dn" from slapd -d 256. So how on earth that one was
added in the first place, I don't know. Tried modifying it different
ways and nothing worked.

The only other alternative I can think of, is dumping the database to an
ldif and physically editing out O\\\'Flaherty Sue, then re-slapadd-ing.
Because you'll get the same error from GQ if you try that, since all
it's doing is giving an ldapdelete command. But that seems an awful
hassle for one record. I have the same sort problem with a contact cn
Solkesz%2C J.H., but he can stay like that, for all I care.

Try to pretend she never existed? 




Tony Earnshaw

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