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FW: Unable to delete a dn with \\\

We run openldap v2.0.23 and I am having trouble deleting an
entry in the directory.  I can list the entry in the directory
using the command:

ldapsearch -xW -D "cn=qmail-ldap, o=Organisation, c=AU" \
    -b "o=Organisation, c=AU" "uid=suef"

and I get the result as follows:

version: 2

# filter: uid=suef
# requesting: ALL

# O\\\'Flaherty Sue, centacare.org, Organisation, AU
dn: cn=O\\\'Flaherty Sue,ou=centacare.org,o=Organisation, c=AU
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: qmailuser
cn: O\\\'Flaherty Sue
sn: O\\\'Flaherty Sue
mail: sue.oflaherty@centacare.org
uid: suef
accountStatus: active
mailMessageStore: centacare.org/suef
deliveryMode: localdelivery

# search result
search: 2
result: 0 Success

# numResponses: 2
# numEntries: 1

I can delete other entries which do not have slashes in the dn using
a command such as:

ldapdelete -xW -D "cn=qmail-ldap, o=Organisation, c=AU" \
    "cn=Salmon Michael,ou=centacare.org,o=Organisation, c=AU"

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Shaun Scott