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Re: FW: Unable to delete a dn with \\\

tir, 2002-09-03 kl. 04:09 skrev Shaun Scott:

> We run openldap v2.0.23 and I am having trouble deleting an
> entry in the directory.  I can list the entry in the directory
> using the command:

> # O\\\'Flaherty Sue, centacare.org, Organisation, AU
> dn: cn=O\\\'Flaherty Sue,ou=centacare.org,o=Organisation, c=AU

I dunno. It looks horrible to me :-)

1: Have you tried escaping each backslash with a forward slash? The
apostrophe in O'Flaherty would probably need one too.

2: Have you tried GQ to do it (need a Linux box to run it on?). It copes
with all kinds of horrible letter combinations.




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