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Re: Retrieve the schema from openldap-Server

Ingo Schaefer writes:


I tried to read the schema from my openldap-Server (with a program).
Goal is to provide a dynamic form for the admin to add users.

With openldap 2.0.23, I got "no such object" from ldapsearch. (or sth. like that)
I upgraded to 2.1.4, now I get

result: 0 Success

and thats all.
Bind is done with the rootdn. (successful)

I do:
ldapsearch -x -D <rootdn> -W "(cn=schema)"

you need to use a BASE of "cn=subschema", SCOPE = "base"
and the attributes you're interested in are marked
as operational, so they must be explicitly required
(use '+' to get them all, or list those you need, e.g.
"matchingRules", "attributeTypes" and so).


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