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Re: About superclasses and objectclass inheritance

>>Man, I sure would like to see some structureal diagrams.  I'm definately 
>>not used to text descriptions of database structures except when it 
>>comes to SQL.
>>In fact I would be willing to do this myself so that I can add it to my 
>>project. However, I need to get my project working first before I start 
>>adding stuff.
>Try GQ under Gnome, www.biot.com. No docs, realtively easy to learn.
>Doesn't work with TLS. It will teach you structure and what is allowed
>and not. Especially with a tail -f on your slapd log at slapd debug
>level 256.
>> Things have not been going well.  The combination of SSL and LDAP pretty 
>> much has me stumped.
>See the last posting I sent the list/you and read the updated FAQ. It
>just got really good. Take one thing at a time.

I have some diagrams of what inherits/descends from whom in my ldap presentation.

I'm also working on a script to generate dia diagrams of schema queried from an
LDAP server.