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Re: Migrating to v 2.1.x ?

>Sorry if this is an old question, but I am new to this list.
>Is it worth (or urgent) migrating to 2.1.x? The case is:
>- v 2.0.23 - Solaris 8
>- Berkeley db 3.2.9
>- About 100 000 entries
>Would it increase significantly performances to migrate? I was said v2.1.x
>manages the memory better.

Yes, 2.1.x (at least in my limited testing) is solidly ~20% faster than my 
2.0.x production server.  But 2.1.x is a *DEVELOPMENT* version;  which 
means "Here is a gun, close your eyes, point down, pull trigger.  You may 
hit your foot, but then you may not."

IMHO:  more RAM is alot cheaper than 200 pissed off users.  We'll "limp" 
by until 2.2.x on the production boxes.

Ximian GNOME, Evolution, LTSP, and RedHat Linux + LVM & XFS