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Slow response from ldap_bind function


I have a LDAP server running in a RedHat Linux 7.3 machine. The OpenLDAP
version is the
one that is shipped with RH7.3 (2.0.23). I'm using the default installation
of the
packages ... /etc/openldap ...
I added some test entries to the database using a directory tree like this:

			    /		           \
		   o=location1		   o=location2
		 /	        \            /           \
      ou=Engineering   ou=Admin  ou=Engineering   ou=Admin
		|		  |		  |		     |
	 cn=Person1	   cn=Person2    cn=Person3	   cn=Person4
	 cn=Person5	   cn=Person6    cn=Person7	   cn=Person8
	 cn=Person9..  cn=Person10.. cn=Person11..   cn=Person12..

Then I started developing a client using the C SDK under Linux 7.3
I'm using ldap_init to initialize the library, ldap_bind_s
to bind to the ldap server and ldap_unbind to close the connection.
When I run my program, the ldap_bind function takes around 10 seconds
to return. I'm using as "who" the root (cn=root,o=MyOrganization,c=US),
the credential is the default root password "secret" and the method
is LDAP_AUTH_SIMPLE. I went a step further, adding searching capabilities
to the client after the bind. I found out that after the binding delay,
the searching response is very fast.

I developed the same client sample using the Microsoft LDAP Win32
libraries (under Win2K) and the response is instantaneous. I'm using the
same parameters for the ldap_bind functions in both clients. I also tried
using a directory from Netscape browser and again the response is
instantaneous in both Linux and Windows even displaying all the Persons
in the database.

I tried PHP through Apache under Linux 7.3 and the binding slowed down

When I tried to run the client program from the LDAP server using
then the response is comparable (instantaneous) to the client in Windows or

-Fast response from Win32 program (Win2K)
-Fast response from Netscape Directory (Win2K & Linux)
-Fast response through URL format of LDAP (ldap://host:port.....) (Win2K &
-Fast response from the C program under the LDAP server locally (Linux).
-Slow response from the Linux client using C or PHP using libraries from
RedHat 7.3

I need help on this...
Any suggestion...???

Thanks in Advance

Alberto Martin