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Re: Converting Oracle Internet Directory to OpenLDAP

At 02:53 PM 2002-08-26, Chris Dos wrote:
>Has anyone converted a Oracle Internet Directory installtion to OpenLDAP.  It has a fairly large custom schema that looks like it would take me a good long while to convert it by hand.  I can dump the directory to and LDIF file so that won't be a problem.  But I don't know an easy way of converting the schemas over.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Use ldapsearch(1) to produce an LDIF file containing the
controlling subschema subentry of your existing server.

Then edit the LDIF file to:
        1) unwrap any continuation lines;
        2) delete everything but attributeTypes and objectClasses;
        3) delete all non-custom elements;
        4) replace "attributeTypes:" with "attributeType " and
           replace "objectClasses:" with "objectClass ";
        5) order elements so that elements are described
           before first use
        6) configure slapd(8) to load resulting file

Of course, this assumes your existing server provides LDAPv3
compliant schema descriptions and that these descriptions
describe well your custom schema elements.  Your mileage
may vary.