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RE: "no structuralObjectClass operational attribute" ?

Good day,

> I couldn't duplicate this problem.  There have been
> a few changes to HEAD lately which relate to this
> problem.  1) the result code and message associated
> with the condition have been changed; 2) the
> condition should be reported for both slapadd(8)
> and ldapadd(1); 3) additional error conditions are
> detected and reported.

Well, after quite a bit of trial and error, I managed to track the error
down.  This was always tested on HEAD, BTW.

The slapd configuration file, which was modified from one of the production
servers for testing, had a "updatedn" entry in it.  However, that test
server was set up as a standalone server.  I thought that I removed all of
the master-slave information when I copied the file over for the server
testing, but obviously that was not the case.  Removing the entry causes
additions to work properly.  

The entry obviously should not have been there in the first place, but I am
uncertain why the server responded with such a cryptic error message.  It's
interesting that the configuration file "worked" with OpenLDAP 2.0.25 .

At any rate, everything appears to be fine now.  Sorry for the trouble.

Darren Gamble
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Shaw Cablesystems GP
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