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Re: Multiple Databases and Referrals

> >In the top level database (suffix: application=cc)
> >using -M succeeded in entering referrals as well as regular entries.
> >Should -M be used with ldif files which contain ONLY referrals, or 
> >can it be mixed ?
> As I indicated above, use -M when adding referrals.
> Don't use -M when adding entries to the DIT.

I now seperated referrals and regular entries as per your 

Entering the following DN to the database is no problem:

	dn: oc=isp001,application=cc
	objectClass: referral
	ref: ldap://,application=cc

But, the following complains about a missing parent:

	dn: auth=admin,oc=isp001,application=cc
	objectClass: referral
	ref: ldap://,oc=isp001,application=cc

Note: I used -M on both these referrals.

I am using Openldap 2.0.23-3 on Debian Woody. Should I upgrade 
regarding this problem ?