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Re: Change Announcements (was Re: TLS/SSL-ceritificate & Replication v2.1.3)

lør, 2002-08-24 kl. 16:49 skrev Kurt D. Zeilenga:

> At 06:58 PM 2002-08-23, jimd@siu.edu wrote:

> >I wholeheartedly agree! An "OperationalChanges" document should be
> >supplied with each OpenLDAP release that lists/details/points out all of
> >the significant/important changes in operational characteristics and/or
> >requirements for OpenLDAP.
> Sounds like we have another volunteer to write an
> "OperationalChanges" document... great.

How the flipping Zithers should jimd@siu.edu, or I, or anyone else know
what has been changed since the last time that he/she/it responsible for
the change, changed it?

I agree with jimd@siu.edu entirely, as far as the documentation of
changes in operational procedures goes. Shame on the programmers for not
keeping, or publishing, notes on what they've done.

Quite another thing is the maintenance of the FAQ, which is so dismal,
that I doubt that there is any other open source project that has such a
worthless FAQ as Openldap (witness the frequent "How do I?" and lack of
referrals to the FAQ in this group).

I do realise, Kurt, that I'm hanging myself out on a line here. I and
many others (most of them far more distinguished than myself) have
written a couple of things here that *should* be added to the FAQ.

 - Motivation?
 - How?
 - Who gives a damn anyway?




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