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Re: LDAP access question

>>>>However, I have been unsuccessful in figuring out a way to not return 
>>>>the "objectclass", or objectclass values.  Can anyone help me out 
>>>>with this?  I do not want the "objectclass"es returned to any 
>>>>anonymous searches.
>>Hide the objectclass and you'll break a myriad of applications.
>Seems reasonable. If you start playing around with it (reorganize the
>objects that you show others, for example) and keep on asking yourself
>basic questions and solving them for yourself, it gets better and

Would that be "micro-memetological evolution"?.  I love big words! 

>However, without asking questions, however stupid sounding, of those
>with more experience, you never learn anything, do you?.

Looking stupid is my prefered method of learning;  except in front of people who
are paying me! :)