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Re: LDAP access question

tor, 2002-08-22 kl. 14:50 skrev Peter Furmonavicius:

> Hello.  I can restrict what LDAP searches return by using statements 
> such as the following in my "slapd.conf" file.  For example, to not 
> return the attribute values for "employeeNumber"...
> --------------
> access to attr=employeeNumber
>         by dn="cn=boss,dc=here,dc=com"  write
>         by users read
>         by * none
> --------------
> However, I have been unsuccessful in figuring out a way to not return 
> the "objectclass", or objectclass values.  Can anyone help me out 
> with this?  I do not want the "objectclass"es returned to any 
> anonymous searches.

Many have asked this question, none have received answers.

I'm also curious and would like this possibility, but it doesn't seem
possible. There are also other things I'd like to hide, such as a
posixAccount user's uidNumber and gidNumber and homeDirectory. It's got
nothing to do with anyone but the admin. But if I do that, they don't
know who they are when they log in.





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