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Re: LDAP access question

tor, 2002-08-22 kl. 19:40 skrev adam@morrison-ind.com:

> >>However, I have been unsuccessful in figuring out a way to not return 
> >>the "objectclass", or objectclass values.  Can anyone help me out 
> >>with this?  I do not want the "objectclass"es returned to any 
> >>anonymous searches.
> Hide the objectclass and you'll break a myriad of applications.

Seems reasonable. If you start playing around with it (reorganize the
objects that you show others, for example) and keep on asking yourself
basic questions and solving them for yourself, it gets better and

However, without asking questions, however stupid sounding, of those
with more experience, you never learn anything, do you?.




Tony Earnshaw

The usefulness of RTFM is vastly overrated.

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