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RE: open ldap server start up problem on red hat 7.3

tir, 2002-08-20 kl. 16:21 skrev Darren Gamble:

> >      I started sever with following command
> >          ./slapd -d -2048

> That's not the proper way to start it.  You should use the startup script
> Red Hat provides for you.

I don't agree :-)

Having done all this sort of thing on Red Hat for a   * l o n g *  time,
I'd say he can start if from the command line, if he wants. It's a good
way to debug and - at least self-compiled 2.1.x - runs fine as a daemon
when started by hand.

However, that said, './slapd -d -2048' should be './slapd -d 2048' and
debugging at 2048 is *not* going to help him much.

man 5 slapd.conf for the debugging options.




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