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RE: open ldap server start up problem on red hat 7.3

Good day,

> > >      I started sever with following command
> > >          ./slapd -d -2048
> > That's not the proper way to start it.  You should use the 
> startup script
> > Red Hat provides for you.
> I don't agree :-)
> Having done all this sort of thing on Red Hat for a   * l o n 
> g *  time,
> I'd say he can start if from the command line, if he wants. 
> It's a good
> way to debug and - at least self-compiled 2.1.x - runs fine 
> as a daemon
> when started by hand.

All correct; one can start it by hand for debugging if one knows what they
are doing, but I do not believe that was the intent of the poster.  His post
indicated that he was just trying to start it, and from his data it seemed
that the server was already started but just did not daemonize.  Thusly, no
debugging is probably needed- he just needs to start it properly- and why
reinvent the wheel and write another script to do it? =)

Note that the user is using Red Hat 7.3 and so is most likely running 2.0.23

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