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RE: open ldap server start up problem on red hat 7.3

Good day,
> Hi,
>  I configured open ldap server on red hat 7.3, following 
> instructions care fully, I am so much confident that i didn't 
> miss any thing,
>      I started sever with following command
>          ./slapd -d -2048

That's not the proper way to start it.  You should use the startup script
Red Hat provides for you.


>        then i am getting problem like this
>      erro=97 (Address family not supported by protocol) and 
> it simply hanging over there with out starting server
>     when i scan the ports with 'nmap' command it showing that 
> ldap service is running on port 389,  I didn't understand why 
> it is happening over there
>     I would be very much thank full to you, if give me good solution
>   Thanks in adavnce

Most likely the server did start properly, but just didn't daemonize because
of the way you started it.  Try using that startup script.  Note that you
should use netstat to check open ports on a machine.

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