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Re: Change over to anonymous binds

man, 2002-08-19 kl. 18:05 skrev Kurt D. Zeilenga:

> Whatever works fine for you is fine for you.  But I think it
> is not a general solution to dealing with such situations,
> namely because the certificate would only be usable if the
> client was on the local host and connected to "localhost"
> and didn't map "localhost" to your local host name (as
> some clients do).

Good point! Now all I have to do is to find the time, take the trouble
and *dare* to change things - that (at the moment) work fine already.

> A better approach would be to configure your name resolution
> system such that billy.demon.nl resolved to the appropriate
> address (which may change over time) of your server.  At
> times, may the appropriate address is but
> I would suggest you set up your addressing/routing such
> that is appropriate at all times.

My infantile intelligence tells me: "You can't be authoritative for
billy.demon.nl without being authoritative for demon.nl."

But the the grandpa with *his* intelligence chips in: "If you're already
authoritative for localhost.demon.nl, why can't you also be
authoritative for a single other node in that particular zone?"

Thanks Kurt!

I'll let you know :-)




Tony Earnshaw

The usefulness of RTFM is vastly overrated.

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