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Re: Change over to anonymous binds

man, 2002-08-19 kl. 00:25 skrev Kurt D. Zeilenga:

> Choosing the name to put in the CN of your server cert
> should be simple.  Choose the fully qualified domain name
> which will return for the client the desired IP address(es)
> of the server and place the certificate.  If there are
> multiple FQDNs, choose the one which you would like the
> users to enter.

Though ... as I wrote, that's o.k. if your host is constantly connected
to the network bearing/served by that domain name. Mine isn't.

This machine is a dialup node with a static IP number (
for which I and my ISP have chosen the name billy.demon.nl. My name
server cannot possibly be authorative for demon.nl.

So if I put billy.demon.nl in my certificate, it constantly wants to go
to the Internet to resolve it.

My workaround was to make certificates with non-qualified cn=localhost
and configure the caching nameserver on the node to be authorative for
localhost.demon.nl - - which is the answer it would get from
Demon's nameservers anyway (I used to be DNS admin for my firms, with up
to 4 Internet nameservers, for which the zone tables first had to be
approved by the Dutch Internet authority).

Or perhaps someone has a better suggestion? Mine works fine for me :-)



Tony Earnshaw

The usefulness of RTFM is vastly overrated.

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