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Re: Updateref Ignored, Part Duex: The Final Chapter

On Monday, August 12, 2002, at 11:26 AM, Adam Williams wrote:

Well, at least I hope this is the final chapter.
I'm still having some replication problems.  With kind help from
Kurt Zeilenga I came to understand that it is not a good idea to
have my rootdn and updatedn be the same.  So I've added a user for
purposes of replication.
This works well on my master slapd server.  I can now
add/modify/delete users there and have changes successfully
replicate the slave.  But I am still have problems at the slave
end.  Basicly, when I try to add users using my new "Replicator"
account on the slave the go strait to the database and ignore my
updateref directive.

Of course. If you are 'signed on' as the replicator, slapd assumes you
are the master and updates it's database accordingly. A user should never
user (or really even know about) the replicator account. Sign onto the
slave as a ***user*** and make changes, and you should see the referral.

Makes sense. Tried this and it works like a champ -- thanks for the help!

I searched the list archives today (search is alive again this week -- yeah!) and notice a LOT of folks approaching replication problems for the first time had the same problems I've had. So I would be very happy to write everything I've learned regarding replication (including working examples) and submit it all for review to the OpenLDAP documentation gods. From comments to the list it seems that a lot of people read of the replication documentation and still don't "get it" -- and to me the docs do seem a bit sparse in this particular area.

And sometimes a newcomer's perspective is a handy thing for writing clear documentation... :)