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Re: Updateref Ignored, Part Duex: The Final Chapter

>Well, at least I hope this is the final chapter.
>I'm still having some replication problems.  With kind help from 
>Kurt Zeilenga I came to understand that it is not a good idea to 
>have my rootdn and updatedn be the same.  So I've added a user for 
>purposes of replication.
>This works well on my master slapd server.  I can now 
>add/modify/delete users there and have changes successfully 
>replicate the slave.  But I am still have problems at the slave 
>end.  Basicly, when I try to add users using my new "Replicator" 
>account on the slave the go strait to the database and ignore my 
>updateref directive.

Of course.  If you are 'signed on' as the replicator, slapd assumes you 
are the master and updates it's database accordingly.  A user should never 
user (or really even know about) the replicator account.  Sign onto the 
slave as a ***user*** and make changes,  and you should see the referral.