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Problem using ldap_search_s to get attributeTypes

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For the program I am writing I need to return a list of all the attributes in a directory. I am using the OpenLDAP SDK version 2.0.25 to talk to an LDAP v3 compliant directory. I am also using Microsoft's Ldp program to verify my test results on the same directory. In both cases I am performing a simple bind when connecting.
The two ldap_search_s calls I am making to get the attributeTypes are:
1) Get the subschemaSubentry for the root DSE - scope=base, basedn="", filter="objectClass=*"
2) Get the list of attributeTypes - scope=base, basedn=<result of search 1>, filter="objectclass=subschema"
Using Ldp I get the desired results, however using OpenLDAP I always get return code 32 (No such Object), and my question is why, what am I doing wrong?
Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.
Jonathan White