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Re: Corrupt index files

> If you find out, let me know.  I just know that since switching
> databases I haven't heard any complaints.

I've also had problems with GDBM with corrupted indexes,and I'm in the process of
switching to Berkeley

> Ldbm works with either Berkeley DB or GDBM.  Ldbm is _currently_ more
> stable than the bdb backend which requires Berkeley DB.  Bdb makes use
> of the fine-grained locking available in Berkeley DB for concurrent
> updates whereas ldbm has a single write lock (and that only since
> 2.0.22).  The lack of write locking can cause index corruption and is
> probably what you're remembering as having been fixed.  However, I've
> had index corruptions with GDBM that wouldn't go away after a slapindex
> or even after a dump and restore of the database.

So, which is the most stable configuration in your opinion? Is it openldap 2.0.25
+ BDB 4.0.14 using ldbm backend?
Also, which is the fastest configuration in order to add about 6500000 entries
with slapadd? I've tried openldap 2.1.3 + BDB 4, with nosync and a lot of cache,
and it gets slower and slower (I have only one disk, and it writes *a lot* of
logs), so I'm going to try 2.0.25 with ldbm backend (I suppose this won't write