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RE: Corrupt index files

Good day,

Thanks for the rapid reply.

> That was probably me.  I installed Berkeley DB 3.3.11 (now in Red Hat
> 7.3) and rebuilt the source RPM for openldap-2.0.21 after removing the
> "--with-ldap-api=gdbm" configure directive.  It then uses Berkeley DB
> automatically.

That sounds familiar.  Just a clarification... what is the actual source of
the problem?  Is it the version of the backend, how 2.0.21 uses the backend,
how 2.0.21 uses gdbm in the backend, etc?

As I sort of understand things, the problem is how 2.0.21 uses gdbm.  I
_think_ that it's been fixed in a newer version of the server, but I recall
you (or whomever it was) saying something like "that version uses ldbm just
fine and ldbm is a much better backend anyway".  Is this correct?

> To upgrade you'll have to dump and restore your LDAP
> database since the file formats are incompatible.

Yeah, I imagined that I'd have to do that if I changed the backend.  Thanks
for the various "heads-ups" for the process, though!

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