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Re: libldap: ldap.h: LDAP_VERSION3 and LDAP_VERSION

man, 2002-08-05 kl. 17:55 skrev Peter A. Savitch:

> As I can see, v2 binds are prohibited by default in slapd 2.1.3.
> But ldap.h still defines LDAP_VERSION to be LDAP_VERSION2.

> This v2/v3 mess potentionaly confuses OpenLDAP users. I'm working with
> Exim developers to improve Exim+OpenLDAP solution, and I don't know
> what to suggest them.


Perhaps I've misunderstood you; if so, it's my fault :-)

I use Exim 4.10 and Openldap together. All I've wanted, at the moment,
is Lachman-Laser mail routing (instead of /etc/aliases) and user mail

The above all works beautifully with Exim 4.10; all I've done is to put
the requisite 'allow bind_v2'in slapd.conf. For the rest I followed
Dman's and Philip Hazel's examples to get it to work.

I'm no developer ...




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