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libldap: ldap.h: LDAP_VERSION3 and LDAP_VERSION


As I can see, v2 binds are prohibited by default in slapd 2.1.3.
But ldap.h still defines LDAP_VERSION to be LDAP_VERSION2.

This v2/v3 mess potentionaly confuses OpenLDAP users. I'm working with
Exim developers to improve Exim+OpenLDAP solution, and I don't know
what to suggest them.
LDAP client software (not *tools*) uses V2 by default (at least PHP
LDAP extension does).

The first approach is to allow v2 bindings from the server side. Not
so good.

The second is to ldap_set_option() to LDAP_VERSION3 explicitly, but
it is not compatible with other LDAP implementations.
The third is to use LDAP_VERSION_MAX instead (OpenLDAP 2.x).

May be it is better to make OpenLDAP client library to behave like the
server expect -- to use V3 by default (i.e., define LDAP_VERSION to be
LDAP_VERSION3 or something else).

I don't know whether it is openldap-devel question or not.

Thank You. I very appreciate developer's help.

Best regards,
 Peter                          mailto:spam4octan@highway.ru