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Re: login but no shell prompt

man, 2002-08-05 kl. 15:07 skrev Tuyen_T_Nguyen@hartehanks.com:

> client is solaris 2.6.  I installed pam_ldap, nss_ldap and ldapsdk5.0.8.
> Modified /etc/pam.conf to used pam_ldap.  when telnet in to system,
> I login with id in openldap server.  System accepted id and password and
> successfully verified through openldap server.  After local system is
> showing 'message of the day'.  Supposed to display shell prompt but hang
> after display motd.

 I'd suggest that you run spamd with debug level -1 from a command line
xterm that you can scroll at least 1024 lines back and go through the
output to see what is happening. If you can rise to it, run Ethereal or
tcpdump on the relevant interface to verify what packets contain.

Others might find it useful if you quoted your Linux (???, could be BSD)
distro and Openldap version, as well as your pam_ldap and pam_nss
versions and the contents either of /etc/pam.d/login or
/etc/pam.conf#login (if the latter's what you're using).

The whole of Openldap is so immensely different from config to
config/machine to machine, that on-the-fly answers are sometimes hard to
give. If you're using PADL's self-compiled pam_ldap and pam_nss stuff,
all the standard config stuff should very nearly work "out of the box".

The point is, that the standard configs all work for me and thousands of
others, so what's the difference with your setup?




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