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client with 2 interfaces - Act II


I have to write a client on a machine
with 2 network interfaces.
The problems are :
	-ldap libralies can't specify wich 
	 is the source address
	-I'm definitely not a C expert 
	 (especially in network prog)
 	-Thanks for your answer, Kurt, but it's
	 a bit short for me ("you'll have to extend
	 the library...")
	-I am really sick of travelling through
	 OpenLDAP sources: func a of file A uses
	 func b of file A, that points to func c
         of file B, and so on.
SO PLEASE could someone tell me WHERE exactly in 
OpenLDAP sources the source address field is 
specified (which function(s)) ??
(I use OpenLDAP 2.0.23's libs)
One told me the source address is specified in the 
2nd param of the function bind(), but grep found 
it only in /liblutil/socketpair.c, and not 
in /libldap/.
I found some "INADDR_ANY" and "INADDR_LOOPBACK" 
in /libldap, 
but I'm not sure if that's what i'm looking for...

As reading a code someone else wrote
is not easy, 
ANY HELP will be REALLY appreciated, 


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