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Re: login but no shell prompt

client is solaris 2.6.  I installed pam_ldap, nss_ldap and ldapsdk5.0.8.
Modified /etc/pam.conf to used pam_ldap.  when telnet in to system,
I login with id in openldap server.  System accepted id and password and
successfully verified through openldap server.  After local system is
showing 'message of the day'.  Supposed to display shell prompt but hang
after display motd.

Same id that I can login successfully in solaris 8 client without any

                      Ian Ball                                                                                             
                      <ian@midori.shack        To:       Tuyen_T_Nguyen@hartehanks.com, openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org     
                      net.nu>                  cc:                                                                         
                                               Subject:  Re: login but no shell prompt                                     
                      08/03/2002 05:48                                                                                     

With such an ill informative message like that, no one is going to help
Try giving us some relevant info about your problem, what you are trying to
achieve, what you have used, what you have done.

On Saturday 03 August 2002 01:52, Tuyen_T_Nguyen@hartehanks.com wrote:
> does anybody have problem like this?  If you do, please shed me some
> I can login through ldap but after that, no login prompt is shown after
> motd is displayed.