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Re: namingContexts not working?

Previously, Luke Howard wrote:
> >At least one client I came across (Windows Eudora, I think) actually has
> >"c=US" configured by default as its search base, so you need to erase it
> >there.  All other clients I've come across just have a blank search base by
> >default.
> You could use the suffixAlias directive to alias c=US to your own suffix.

Works great - however, it only works if I order the options like this:

suffix "o=My Org"
suffixAlias "c=US" "o=My Org"
suffix "c=US"

Moving them in another order, or omitting the suffix line for c=US, and it
doesn't work.

In any case, thanks for the assistance - all the wrinkles are ironed out


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