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Re: namingContexts not working?

Previously, Luke Howard wrote:
> >My understanding is that if a search base is not set (i.e. -b '') one can
> >look at the namingContexts attribute in the root DSE to find the branch
> >names.  Testing with Outlook Express and Mozilla showed that this didn't
> >work (they couldn't find the search base on their own).
> Well, if Outlook Express and Mozilla don't look at the namingContexts
> attribute, that's their problem. But you can set a default search base in
> slapd.conf with the defaultsearchbase directive. This will rewrite one
> level and subtree searches of the root DSE to some arbitrary suffix.

This worked beautifully, thanks!

For anyone else who's interested, the only caveat is to make sure the
search base is in quotes, i.e.:

    defaultsearchbase "ou=Address Book,o=My Organization"

Otherwise it won't work, but also doesn't generate an error.

At least one client I came across (Windows Eudora, I think) actually has
"c=US" configured by default as its search base, so you need to erase it
there.  All other clients I've come across just have a blank search base by


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