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LDAP Server causing panic?

Hey guys/gals:

Is there any reason why ldap clients (servers) would completely lock out 
when not able to contact the ldap server.  An easy test (for me) is to 
just unplug the fibre and the whole machine locks up.  It will not let me 
login from console/ssh/ftp, or anything.

I think it might be a PAM problem.  IE: Order of the stack but I am not 
sure.  Does anyone have some really good pam.d files they would like to 
tar-up and let me have shot at it?

Heck, you might say... "Caylan, this is not LDAP related", but it only 
happens on our openldap clients when configured to look at ldap.    :(

It hurts,

Caylan Van Larson
Unix Administrator - Systems Team Member
University of North Dakota (Aerospace College)
701-777-6151 (work)