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RE: my searchs doesn't use indexes

Good day,

> > I have already try slapindex, with the same result... Also, 
> before slapindex,
> > there was one tac (that did exist in database but an 
> ldapsearch using the filter
> > tac=35045610 didn't return any result, but with filter 
> tac=35045610* did return
> > the correct entry. This happened even after manually 
> deleting and reinserting the
> > entry. After slapindex, this problem was corrected.

I can see what would cause that... you have no "sub" index for that
attribute.  So, if the index got corrupted, the "tac=35045610" search would
fail since it tries to use the index file.  The "tac=35045610*" search would
succeed because you had no index for it, so it just searched through the
whole db and found it.  And, if you replaced the index using slapindex, it
would start working.  So yes, it looks like index corruption.  We've had
that happen before on our replica servers; we always fixed by replacing all
of the gdbm files from the master...

> I have had index corruption problems with OpenLDAP and GDBM.  Running
> slapindex would not fix the problem.  The problems didn't go 
> away until
> I switched to Berkeley DB 3.3.11 as the backend database.

A bit of an aside here (and I hope this is not a dumb question)... my config
file has "database ldbm" (from the default config) but my actual database
files are all ".gdbm".  I am using Berkeley DB 3.3.11 as well, which appears
to be installed by default with Red Hat 7.3 .  Is the extension of the
filenames misleading as to the database type that I'm using?  Am I actually
using ldbm, or gdbm?  I've always just installed a backend and forgotten
about it...

Hope this helps, and hope I get helped. =)

Darren Gamble
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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