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AW: modifyTimestamp

I don't know if this is the right way, because this woul mean I regularly
have to check for entries younger than the last date. For example an entry
has been modified on July, the 27., the program checks every day if there
were newer entries. Would be a solution.
The way that I would prefer is that there are attributes not for an entry in
the database but for the whole database which could be a modify timestamp
for the database.

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Von: Sadam Iqbal [mailto:sadam.iqbal@o3sis.com]
Gesendet: Montag, 29. Juli 2002 22:53
An: Manuel Vazquez
Betreff: RE: modifyTimestamp

You need to use a search filter.

not sure how you could do this with ur client, I wrote a client in c++ for
windows, for tetsing purposes internally...

the search filter is something like


Hope it Helps


Sadam Iqbal
Research & Development
o3sis IT AG

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Subject: modifyTimestamp

Hello all,

I'm running a database on OpenLDAP. It provides for example a telephone book
and different information about every employee. It can be accessed with any
web browser. I am looking for a possibility to query the date when the
database was last modified. Sorry if this might be a beginner's question,
but I haven't found the right clue in the archives.

Thank you in advance,
Manuel Vazquez