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Re: Locker looping in Database

man, 2002-07-29 kl. 08:18 skrev Paul Clayton:

> My Linux system slows down and eventually grinds to a halt. If I can get to
> slapd in time and shut it down and restart, I can get my system back.
> Viewing the diagnostics trace in slapd.log, I noted the following message.
> What triggered this off was running the slapcat command. Did I do something
> wrong or is this a problem

> locker = 15815
> ====> bdb_cache_find_entry_id( 1 ): 1 (busy) 2
> locker = 0

I hesitate to answer your question, since your disclaimer below does not
list me as a recipient.

I probably could have answered it correctly, but do not wish to commit
any action that could be deemed as being "unlawful."

Life is bad enough as it is.



Who has dutifully deleted the message.

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