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Re: Using OpenLDAP as MS SQL Server Data Source

I don't know about using MS SQL directly, but you might have luck with Metamerge http://metamerge.com/ . It's a commercial product, free for edu use I think. They just got bought by IBM it seems.

Would be cool if slurpd had output plugins. So that an SQL output plugin could be configured.

Alternatively, you can keep the MS SQL server in sync using back-sql or back-perl, instead of using OpenLDAP as a live datastore.


Christoph Neumann wrote:
Howdy All,

Has anyone had success setting up OpenLDAP as a "Linked Server" under MS
SQL Sever 2000 using ADSI?  I can get the server to fetch a list of DNs
via LDAP, but I can't get the server to actually resolve the DNs to fetch
specific attributes.

I used the following document as reference, although it is Active
Directory specific.

Essentially, I want to make a "view" in MS SQL Server where the fields are
fetched dynamically from OpenLDAP.  Does anyone know another way to do
that other than the above mentioned approach?

- Christoph