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RE: Slow respons when seaching for givenname

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> Sent: 15. juli 2002 16:56
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> Subject: Re: Slow respons when seaching for givenname
> Jarle Tvedten wanted us to know:
> >index   cn,mail,sn,gn           pres,eq,sub
> >index objectClass               eq
> >Search for givenname (gn=*someone) and (gn=someone) goes well(within a
> >couple of seconds), but search for (gn=someone*) takes very long to
> >complete(more than one hour).
> Do any entries in the directory have an attribute gn with a value?  If
> none of the objects in your directory have a value for gn, then no index
> is being created.  Import a dummy ldif with the gn set and the index
> will be created and your search time should return to normal.

Every entry(totally 1000000 entries) has a gn value. Any search with
gn=someone(any value) returns within 2 seconds. It is only for some searches
where * is included , for example (gn=geiregil*).

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