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ldapsearch output format: Extended LDIF (LDIFv2)

About Jun 2000, a change was made to ldapsearch's output with the
following comment:
   Modify ldapsearch(1) significantly.  Now handles LDAPv3 search
   references, extended results, and extended partial results.  LDIF
   extended to support these new features and reported version 2.
   -L now limits output to LDIFv1 for compatibility reasons.  
   No -L is now LDIFv2. 

The "version: 2" output line has since been changed to "# extended

Some people are questioning the lines generated at the end of a search,
  # search result
  search: 2
  result: 0 Success

because it does not correspond to LDIF spec rfc2849.

I realize the -L option will revert to LDIF version 1 output.
But does anyone know why this output was added and made the default?
I was not able to find any doc on "extended LDIF" or "LDIFv2"  format.

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