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Re: ldapsearch output format: Extended LDIF (LDIFv2)

At 04:30 AM 2002-07-16, Dave Steck wrote:
>I realize the -L option will revert to LDIF version 1 output.
>But does anyone know why this output was added and made the default?

In old days, -L indicates LDIF and no -L indicates U-Mich
specific format (attr=value format).  In 2.0, -L continues
to indicates LDIF and no -L indicates an OpenLDAP-specific
(at least for now) format.

We changed the default from U-Mich specific format to the
OpenLDAP-specific format as the U-Mich specific format was
infrequently used (most folks were using -L) and the OpenLDAP
specific format was viewed as likely to be more useful.

I assume that those who want LDIFv1 will request it by
specifying -L.

>I was not able to find any doc on "extended LDIF" or "LDIFv2"  format.

I've been meaning to write an I-D regarding this...