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Re: pam ldap help - answer

man, 2002-07-15 kl. 16:11 skrev Geoff Silver:
> > Effing *brilliant*.

> <flame>
> No, what I write is perfectly useful for you.  As a matter of fact, I've
> configured libpam and libnss LDAP under Red Hat 7.3, and the configuration
> is nearly identical. *YOU* just need to install the PADL packages (or
> perhaps the RPMs, if they exist).
> The configuration files are virtually the same.  The way it works is the
> same.  If you need someone to explain how to install the package, use the
> PADL list, or contact your local LUG.  The info I put forth was generic
> help.  If you want special support, I run a small consulting business, and
> would be happy to configure it for you at $110/hour.
> </flame>


I was meaning to write and thank everyone on the list, yes, including
you, for everything.

I was so busy today, I haven't had the chance to read my mail until now
(19:21 CEST for me).

Oi'll tell 'ee.

A little while ago I had a simple non-everything ldap server working for
Evo, with gdbm and full schemas that worked with Evo but did little

Thanks to "everyone" on this list, including you with your example
(which I copied verbatim after checking, couldn't believe that it could
work with my RH 7.2 system), I now have a full-blown bdb 4 2.1.3 thingy
with pam_ldap-based users and everything. Still have to get pam_ldap
working for gdm, su etc, but I'll ask about this later.

Geoff, it's all a question of getting used to new things. For me
openldap is *utter magic* - though I've been a sysadmin for many years,
I'm only just starting on ldap now. I need it for so many things.

So, thanks "everyone", thanks Geoff and I'm sorry I blew my top :c)

I seriously find this one of the best and most helpful lists out there.



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