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Re: [fwd: My id2entry.gdbm is growing at a rate of 10 meg per day ]

tor, 2002-07-11 kl. 16:59 skrev Chris Garrigues:

> > From:  Chris Garrigues <cwg-oldap-sw@DeepEddy.Com>
> > Date:  Wed, 10 Jul 2002 10:51:37 -0500
> >
> > I just rebuilt the database, so I'll have to do that tomorrow after it's begun 
> > growing again.  Thanks for the tip.
> ~~sigh~


This obviously makes you unhappy.

Various people on the list convinced me to start with Berkeley DB 4 bdb
instead of gdbm. For me it cost me 2 days of banging my head against a
brick wall trying to make it work, 'til it finally works with Openldap

Reading the initial supplied Sleepycat html explanation of what it does
and how through is a revelation. Maybe you should look at it.

I'm sure that there are enough people on this list to help you to get it
to work; I'm now convinced that people shouldn't be using a GNU gdbm in
a production environment.




Tony Earnshaw

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