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Re: [fwd: My id2entry.gdbm is growing at a rate of 10 meg per day ]

Today at 9:15am, Chris Garrigues wrote:

> hmmm, thanks.  looking at the current version of the file, I'm seeing this:
> 144424 -rw-------    1 ldap     ldap     147737291 Jul 10 09:03 id2entry.gdbm
> but before I panic any more, I'd better take a look at any and all tools that

If you are running on a Linux system, do "stat id2entry.gdbm" and see if
the number of Blocks * 512 is anywhere near your 147737291 number...
The file will claim to be size X, but if it has holes, it won't really
be using that much space (blocks * 512)...

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